Thracean Zeolite is a Greek company founded in 2021 and aims to exploit one of the few remaining zeolites, in a Thracean area Rodopi.

The extraordinary properties of zeolites have defined the company’s interest to turn a natural and ecological resource into finite products or raw material for various industries.

The Zeolites processing factory is opened in June 2021 when the investment program was completed and our advanced production line, with breakthrough technology which allows processing of zeolite rocks, is set up and “running”. Mineralogical studies conducted in the areas of volcanic tuff, which is the subject of the exploitations that will capitalize zeolite reserves, showed us that the entire mass of the rock has been under intensive pressures and through the process of diagenesis it was turned into today’s zeolites. The quality of raw material is proved by numerous documents:

Chemical analysis (XRF).

Mineralogical Analysis (XRD).

Various studies and researches regarding the main usages of zeolites in different areas.

Document showing the properties of retaining heavy metals substances.

Analyses regarding the cationic exchange capabilities (CEC).

All this information was obtained from research studies performed together with research institutes specialized in exploring theoretical and practical topics.

There is no part of the technological process that involves the usesage of toxic substances. There is only the extraction of ore from the quarry and its processing function, which is done through specific procedures.

The exploitation done by Thracean Zeolite meets all environmental requirements. All procedures are performed under the authorization of legal institutions.