Zeolite is environmentally friendly and a non-toxic, safe product for people, plants and animals. Zeolite absorbs and controls pet odors. Natural Zeolite prevents odors and absorbs moisture with no additives. Ammonium from urine and manure is adsorbed and held in the Zeolite and can be recycled as valuable fertilizer. Application is easy.

Zeolite can be used as an absorbent bedding material to reduce odors and improve animal health in many other areas such as horses’ stables, animal enclosures in zoos, pet’s cages in the home, cat litter, aquarium, the list is endless. In fact, zeolite is suitable for use with almost all mammal and bird species.

Natural and hygienic zeolite mineral bedding

Zeolite for aquariums

Zeolite for water filtration in aquariums maintains your aquarium clean to keep your fish in a healthy environment. Every fish keeper wants to have a beautifully clean aquarium. However, this involves one of the least popular activities – manual cleaning and regular maintenance. This is especially difficult in case of big aquariums. This work cannot be avoided even if we use filtering devices. But using the zeolite in your aquarium, you can significantly reduce the frequency with which this work has to be done. Apart from its aesthetical function, zeolite is an effective filtration medium which keeps your water clean over long periods, thus ensuring biologically beneficial conditions for your fish, thanks to its adsorption quality.

Benefits of zeolite for fish keepers

Effective filtration for maintaining water quality

Unlike the traditional gravel or sand, zeolite is able to trap and filter not only mechanical impurities, but also adsorb harmful substances. This is especially the case of ammonia produced in fish excrements, which in increased quantities can be toxic to fish and lead to problems over time.

With one spoon of zeolite gravel, we get a cleaning filtration area as large as a tennis court. Enhanced filtration performance can be achieved by supplementing the filtration sand for zeolite. It adsorbs unwanted harmful agents into its internal structure and thus keeps the water clean and healthy. Apart from ammonia, zeolite adsorbs disagreeable odours, modifies the pH value and prevents the formation of algae.

The material must be thoroughly washed with running water before use. The gravel can be placed underneath another type of ballast to form its bottom layer (thus creating a filtering layer). The gravel distributed on the bottom of the aquarium adds to the aesthetical and decoration effect.

Zeolite for cat litter

Natural zeolite litter for cats based on zeolite with maximum absorption of ammonia. The material is 100 % natural and guarantees satisfaction thanks to its outstanding properties with excellent absorption of odors and moisture from animal excrements. The litter is fully ecological, environment-friendly and prevents contamination of the cats´ fur and paws.

Benefits of for pets and pet owners

  • fully ecological, free from additives, colouring agents and chemical components. Perfectly safe for the health of pets and their owners, does not provoke skin irritation
  • adsorbs ammonia produced during the decomposition of organic residues, excrements and animal urine
  • excellent removal of malodours and moisture from excrements
  • helps to keep the fur and paws clean
  • sanitation of the toilet – prevents the growth of bacteria, moulds, parasites and mites
  • keeps the litter clean and malodour-free
  • easy and comfortable to use
  • approved and long-standing quality

Zeolite litter for cats provides sanitation of the toilet, thus preventing the formation of bacteria, moulds, parasites and mites. The product is fully ecological, free from additives, colouring agents and chemical components. It is perfectly safe for the health of pets and their owners and does not provoke skin irritation. When in contact with liquids, it swells up and creates solid clumps. Your pets will be clean, dry, free from undesired odour and happy thanks to zeolite.

Zeolite for terrariums and cages

Natural mineral bedding for terrariums and cages. Bedding for birds and small domestic animals. It can also be used as grit. Ideal for terrariums. 100 % absorption of moisture and odours, without clumping – absorption takes place throughout the whole of its volume.


  • 100% natural – free from additives, colouring agents and chemical components
  • excellent removal of malodours and moisture from excrements
  • helps to keep the fur, paws, skin and feathers clean
  • safe for health when ingested, promotes digestion in birds
  • can be used as bird grit
  • improves hygiene in cages and terrariums – prevents growth of bacteria, moulds, parasites and mites, helps to maintain good hygienic condition of the environment surrounding cages and terrariums
  • animals are clean, dry, free from odors and vital, physically and mentally
  • the used natural material does not provoke irritation to animal olfaction and skin, nor allergies
  • easy and comfortable to use